Leadership Team

Leadership Team

U-TuRN is guided by a team of faculty that each lead (or contribute to) one of the four interdisciplinary teams linked the U-TuRN. They each are also involved in one or more U-TuRN Projects and share a commitment to the overall goals and vision of the network. The team embraces principles of Team Science and can collectively be reached through our shared email account: uturn_teamscience@iastate.edu

Team Leader
Gregory Welk gwelk@iastate.edu

U-TuRN PI; Barbara E. Forker Professor, Kinesiology

Alison Phillips alisonp@iastate.edu

Leader: Team 2, Associate Professor, Psychology

Ashley Scudder ascudder@iastate.edu

Associate Director of Research and Outreach, U-TuRN; Leader: Team 1; Lecturer, Human Development & Family Studies

Carl Weems cweems@iastate.edu

U-TuRN Co-PI; Professor and Chair, Human Development and Family Studies

Constance Beecher cbeecher@iastate.edu

Leader: Team 4; Assistant Professor/ Family Literacy Extension State Specialist 

Headshot of Katie Richardson Bruna
Katie Richardson Bruna krbruna@iastate.edu

Leader: Team 4; Co PI, Professor, School of Education

Jacob Meyer jdmeyer3@iastate.edu

Leader: Team 2; Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Linda Shenk shenk@iastate.edu

Associate Professor, English

Lorraine Lanningham-Foster lmlf@iastate.edu

Associate Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Michael Dorneich dorneich@iastate.edu

Leader: Team 3; Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering

Richard Spoth rlspoth@iastate.edu

U-TuRN Co-PI; Leader: Team 2; Scientist III, Human Development and Family Studies

Stephen Gilbert gilbert@iastate.edu

Leader: Team 3; Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering