The U-TuRN network works in collaboration or with the assistance of numerous outside groups to accomplish its goals.


CHPcommunity is a non-profit organization focused on delivering community based initiatives to address obesity, inactivity, nutrition and mental health through healthy lifestyle changes.

With a mission of creating a state “Hub” to allow all Iowans to connect with evidence-based health promotion programs, CHPcommunity works with many groups within U-TuRN to accomplish its goals.

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Center for Survey Science and Methodology

CSSM is an academic center of the ISU Statistical Laboratory that specializes in the research and practice of sample surveys

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Community Campus Partnership for Health

CCPH and U-TuRN work in partnership to promote community engagement through mutually beneficial campus-community partnerships focusing on health.

ISU CCPH follows guidelines and principles from the national CCPH movement. Click here to learn more about the national CCPH movement

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Central Iowa Psychological Services