Team 4 promotes community engagement and establishes methods to build participatory relationships with community partners to help address the Network’s overall transdisciplinary goals of integrating science with practice. The work of Team 4 is connected to several guiding research questions, including:

  • How do community engagement strategies build capacity to sustain vision?
  • How can environmental barriers be overcome to achieve human well-being?
  • How can techniques (e.g., data visualization, technology, geolocation, creative place-making, social media platforms) improve participation and ground new research models?
  • How can engaged scholarship and service learning bridge community needs with research at Iowa State University?

Team 4 is led by Dr. Katie Richardson Bruna and Dr. Connie Beecher. For more information or to get involved, contact for more information

Characterizing Community-based Science Learning through Emotion and Play

Characterizing Community-based Science Learning through Emotion and Play Assertions about the benefits of authentic inquiry approaches to science education rely on the claim that content learning is advanced through group activity around shared purpose. They stop short, however, of examining and articulating the nature of such inter- and intra-individual processes as emotionally productive and for…

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Coalition Building in an Urban-Rural Watershed

Coalition Building in an Urban-Rural Watershed This project strengthens research and community engagement partnerships among Iowa State University, Story County Conservation, the local citizen group Squaw Creek Watershed Coalition, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and the regional non-governmental organization Prairie Rivers of Iowa to address one of the most challenging coupled human-environmental systems for…

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Future Care Planning for Older Adults

Future Care Planning for Older Adults The goal of this project is to develop a pilot program on communication strategies related to future care decisions and planning amongst older adults and their family members.

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Health Data Literacy

Health data literacy, the ability to derive meaningful information from health data, is essential for Iowa’s communities, policymakers, stakeholders, and residents to make educated and wise decisions on critical health issues and policies.  This project aims to develop curriculum and programming in specific health data topics such as: using the health Data for Decision Makers; the Robert Wood…

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Implementation, Sustainability and Accessibility of Early Childhood Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Practices

IMPLEMENTATION, SUSTAINABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EVIDENCE-BASED BEHAVIORAL HEALTH PRACTICES The goal of this work is to support parents and other caregivers of young children with behavioral challenges through the implementation and sustainability of early childhood evidence-based practices in community settings. We collaborate with individuals working with parents or professionals across all child-serving systems…

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Rural Child Care

Rural Child Care The goal of this study is to systematically study how stakeholders- including providers, consumers and organizations perceive the access to (or lack of) quality early child care. This will lead to increased knowledge about steps needed to address the problem, recommendations about how to use the information collected to leverage policy or…

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