Team 3 builds user-friendly tools to enable merging, manipulating, and visualization of disparate sources of data to help a wide array of stakeholders (academic researchers, community residents, policy makers, health organizations) make decisions that improve community health. The work of Team 3 aligns with the general premise that access to data can improve decision-making, and this work is related to several guiding research questions, including:

  • What tools will allow non-data-scientist decision makers to answer what-If questions in meaningful ways? 
  • How do we create compelling arguments with data? How are these arguments linked to the psychology of design, and what sorts of tools are most helpful in visualizing, analyzing, and merging data?
  • How do we use citizen data to engage and influence community change?

Team 3 is led by Dr. Michael Dorneich and Chris Seeger from ISU Extension. For more information or to get involved, contact for more information

Child and Family Policy Research

Child and Family Policy Research Child and family policy research at the intersection of health, education, and child welfare. Working with public service systems to inform evidence-based decision-making.

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Human-Computer Interactions

Human-Computer Interactions This project team facilitates and supports research on technology solutions for data integration and data visualization. The team links to the User Experience lab in the Virtual Reality and Applications Center and serves as a hub for students in the Human and Computer Interaction (HCI) program.

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Health Data for Decision-Makers

Health Data for Decision-Makers A wide range of health data and information at the county level are included to help residents, health providers and policy makers understand the health situations and health needs of residents.

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Sensor Integration

Sensor Integration This project is exploring technical and logistical challenges associated with the use of wearable activity monitors and other sensors. Specific focus is on building and testing interfaces to facilitate processing, tracking, and visualization of data for mobile health (mHealth) applications. The project integrates expertise from the Physical Activity and Health Promotion Lab  at…

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