Clinical Health Coaching

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Clinical Health Coaching

This project helps advance understanding and applications of motivational interviewing (MI), a conversational tool used to help guide individuals towards a behavior change goal. More specifically, this project integrates the MI technique in health care settings, schools, and workplaces to enhance motivation or engage in self-monitoring of health-related behaviors and enhance health outcomes.

The team oversees the coordination of an online course called the ‘MI Hub‘ that was created to provide training on principles of MI. The course captures the key content and principles covered in an upper division practicum course administered through the Department of Kinesiology (KIN 494 – Practicum in Motivational Interviewing). The KIN 494 course (and the online MI-Hub version) was developed and evaluated through dissertation research by Dr. Katy DeShaw (Now an Assistant Professor at Loras College) and these are now managed by a collaborative U-TuRN team to ensure sustainability and effective coordination over time. The MI-Hub course is available for free for all students, faculty and staff at ISU and is accessible to non-ISU members through an associated fee-for-service program administered through Learn@ISU.  The links to access the course are below. If you have any questions, please contact our team by email ( 

Project Leader
Gregory Welk

U-TuRN PI; Barbara E. Forker Professor, Kinesiology

Alison Phillips

Leader: Team 2, Associate Professor, Psychology