U-TuRN Website Help

Signing in and navigating to edit pages or projects

  • Navigate to https://www.uturn.iastate.edu/wp-admin/
  • Sign in using your Iowa State University Single Sign On credentials
  • Select the desired page from the Projects tab on the left menu or by navigating to the page using your web browser and using the “Sign in to Edit” option

Sign in to edit from the Website Dashboard

Bring up profile dashboard by selecting your account from the top right corner of the screen

Select from the projects you are affiliated with under the Projects tab

Sign in to edit directly from the webpage

Sign in to edit directly from the project page by clicking the button on the relevant page

Adding Content

The U-TuRN website is built using Gutenberg blocks, so that content can easily be moved and organized in bulk.

As content is added to your project page, you are able to Group elements together to make organizing to achieve your desired layout easier. To group open the more options menu on the block and select group.
Especially for nested blocks, this can make moving large sections of content much easier.

Grouping blocks can make achieving your desired layout easier!

PLEASE NOTE: As you add and customize the content on your project page, it is important to update and preview the page frequently to ensure the layout is correct.

  • One common problem is content blocks (especially those with background colors) overlapping and hiding other content. In this instance, the use of spacer and separator blocks can help achieve the desired layout.
  •  In order to add content beside existing content, the “Column” block should be utilized (included in the Layout Elements option when adding a new block)
    • Existing content blocks can be dragged into the columns, and column layout including number and width of each column can be customized, so be sure to preview the content to double check its appearance.

Adding and Editing Content

  • New blocks can be added using the symbol either in the top left of the page, or between the blocks already on the page
    • Note that blocks can be added above or below existing blocks, and can be moved later to customize the desired appearance of the page.
    • Blocks can be grouped together to move while maintaining the layout of a section.
A wide range of block types are available to customize the look and function of each page

  • Content such as headings, paragraphs and images as well as page layout options such as columns and spacers can be created as blocks and nested within each other (such as paragraphs and spacers within different columns)
  • To add an image – select the image block and upload the desired option, or select from the media library.
Layout and content blocks can be nested within each other to utilize horizontal space as well as vertical

  • Links to other websites, articles, media posts, videos etc. can be included in a variety of ways.
    • Traditional hyperlinks can be included by highlighting the desired link text and using the (ctrl + k) keyboard shortcut or selecting the icon in the paragraph block
    • Images can be hyperlinked through a similar process within the image block
    • The “icon links” block can be used to include a variety of standardized icons, or uploaded images to create hyperlinks on a highlighted background
Icon blocks and hyperlinked text or images can all be utilized to share content or incorporate outside connections

  • The staff block should include all project staff, as well as designate the project leader.
    • To add project staff, select missing staff from the project staff list at the bottom of the project page
    • If project staff do not appear in the available list, or if profiles contain information that needs to be updated, please contact the Web Help team.
Designate a project leader and all project staff to have them appear on the project page.
The project leader will appear with a darkened border indicating their status as the project leader

If you would prefer to have the Web team assist you in adding content to your project page, please contact Uturn@iastate.edu.