Engagement Pathways

Engagement Pathways

Translational research in health service and public health settings focuses on facilitating the adoption, implementation, and sustainability of evidence-based programs, policies and practices in community settings. Our U-TuRN approach emphasizes transdisciplinary partnerships between researchers and community partners. However, the nature of the partnerships can vary depending on the related needs and interests. The list here summarizes some of the primary forms of engagement. A downloadable handout with contact information is also available,

Visit the “Connect” tab to see other ways to connect and engage with U-TuRN through our distributed community engagement GivePulse tool. We welcome connections and collaborations so please email our leadership team at uturn@iastate.edu if you have any questions.

Capacity Building: Need for collaborators with specific interests or expertise to develop human or physical infrastructure to support community-based missions

Research & Assessment: Interest in developing, supporting or need for support in the area of research, program evaluation, or data collection of community-based programs.

Service Learning/ Community Engaged Learning: Interest in providing, engaging in or supporting service learning opportunities to students.

Proposal Planning: Need for collaborators or support in preparing grant proposals and/or consultation or assistance with material preparation to support a community-based partnership (e.g., assistance with letters of support)

Volunteerism: Interest in volunteering as a group, organization or individual –or having volunteers participate in projects, events and activities.