Walk With Ease

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Walk With Ease

This project is a collaborative partnership with CHPcommunity to facilitate the effective dissemination and evaluation of an evidence-based program called Walk With Ease. It was developed by the Arthritis Foundation but is being disseminated through partnerships with the American Physical Therapy Association and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors.

Offered through local community centers such as fitness centers, hospitals or retirement communities, the  program has participants attend walking sessions as a group-fitness experience led by trained program leaders who support the adoption of regular physical activity through walking.

Alternatively the program is offered in a self-directed format where individuals are encouraged to adopt walking on their own schedule, without the constraints of the class setting. The ISU Physical Activity and Health Promotion Lab (PAHP Lab) has developed and is evaluating virutal enhancements to the base program to address issues related to COVID-19, promote engagement with program materials, and support long-term maintenance of an active lifestyle. Currently self-directed participants are given the opportunity to connect with student health coaches from the Clinical Health Coaching project who help support the adoption of regular physical activity.

The project aims to help develop training capacity to both broaden dissemination efforts, as well as evaluate and support improved participant outcomes. The other major goal is to understand what factors act as barriers or facilitators to successful large-scale program implementation.

For more information on the Walk with Ease program and ongoing research efforts, visit walkwitheaseISU.org. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact WalkwithEase@iastate.edu, and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP. 

Individuals interested in participating in the project can contact WalkwithEase@iastate.edu, or complete our short online interest form by CLICKING HERE, or copying this link into your web browser: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/de035e5226ae44038bccde7fd94e8cc0

Project Leader
Gregory Welk gwelk@iastate.edu

U-TuRN PI; Barbara E. Forker Professor, Kinesiology

Alison Phillips alisonp@iastate.edu

Leader: Team 2, Associate Professor, Psychology

Nick Lamoureux nrl1@iastate.edu

U-TuRN Graduate Assistant, CHPcommunity Project Manager, PhD Candidate, Kinesiology

Additional Information

Program Collaborators

Walk with Ease is offered with the support of several collaborating organizations. For more information on all of our partners, see below.

Exercyse is Medicine is an Iowa State University undergraduate student organization partnered with Kinesiology Department Faculty to promote physical activity across campus and in the local community

CHPcommunity is an Iowa non-profit organization focusing on developing opportunities and partnerships to improve community health outcomes across the state.

https://chpcommunity.org/ for more information.