GivePulse – Students

GivePulse – Students

GivePulse is a powerful web-based software / app designed to support student engagement and volunteerism efforts. GivePulse helps students connect with causes they care about, find service and volunteer opportunities, and create a personalized dashboard to track impact and engagement efforts over time.

Key Features

  • Find volunteer opportunities you care about
  • Find ways to serve your local community
  • Connect with other students and organizations
  • Post campus events and group activities
  • Track personal impacts and verified volunteer hours

Want More?

If you want to get more involved in local community engagement efforts, join the Community Engagement Club. The club works in collaboration with faculty and staff from the ISU Translational Research Network (U-TuRN) to manage and coordinate the GivePulse network and to support needs of local organizations and volunteer agencies. You can find out more information here.

Getting Started

The ISU GivePulse network is available campus-wide (using your ISU email account). Visit the ISU GivePulse page or download the app to get started. Contact us through the channels below if you have any questions.