Wellness Works

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Wellness Works

Wellness Works is an outreach program coordinated by the Physical Activity and Health Promotion Lab in the Department of Kinesiology at Iowa State University. The Wellness Works program coordinates a variety of projects test intervention strategies and methods for building capacity for worksite wellness programs

The primary programming strategy used in Wellness Works is service learning. Undergraduate students work with faculty and graduate students in the Physical Activity and Health Promotion Lab to plan, prepare and implement worksite wellness programming for ISU and other local companies.

Students gain valuable experience in worksite programming and participating companies and employees receive direct benefits from the services provided by the students. In this way, the program provides mutual benefits. The program also advances science of behavior change as the various phases of the study formed the basis for research projects.


Wellness Works utilizes the Motivational Interviewing Hub to provide online training for students, community members, and professionals statewide through the distributed Learn@ISU network. The MI training course provides access to an online learning management system, guided weekly content with video-based content and virtual consultation and feedback. Overall, the online course provide users with the basic foundational knowledge and skills needed to apply motivational interviewing in practice.

To learn more about Wellness Works resources through U-TuRN, contact our team at wellnessworks@iastate.edu

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Project Leader
Gregory Welk gwelk@iastate.edu

U-TuRN PI; Barbara E. Forker Professor, Kinesiology